Why Us

We have a rich, holistic approach to understanding learner needs and designing courses. That’s because our solutions are born at the intersection of three key themes: psychological insight, learning philosophy, and technological innovation.

Commitment towards Mastery

Our experience in the learning space makes us passionate about Mastery Learning. We believe that this philosophy along with scaffolded objectives will enable our learners to be actively engaged with the content.

We achieve Mastery Learning by following a learning framework that guides the learners from the introduction of the objective/key points that are going to be addressed in this course to individual assessments that test for mastery of the course content.

A Consultative Approach

Most learning consultants tend to offer ready-made, off-the-shelf solutions to their clients. We take a different approach. We like to spend significant time at the outset to clearly understand the learning requirement. We then offer recommendations based on an organisations unique context. Once we agree on a course of action, we work to closely monitor progress and make changes as per the overall objective, learner need and budget. Our years of experience in the corporate sector enable us to bring a problem-solving, consultative mindset to the table, as opposed to a time-bound, tactical mindset.

Passion to Innovate

Got a large group of millenials in your organization that needs urgent advice on how to set goals and manage money? Need to find an interesting way to do it without alienating or boring them? We’re up to the task! We can understand your audience and develop custom learning modules in any format or technology, from scratch. As always, we use our Mastery Learning Framework to maximising the chances of helping your audience learn better to work smarter!