At MGenLearn, we believe creating learning material which can create business impact, needs a strong learning strategy and a pedagogical approach – And we thoroughly love doing this. Our robust lesson planning structure which is created on the foundations of “achieving learning mastery of the objective” helps us to create meaningful courses

Custom Development

As the name suggests, we create the entire course as specific as it can get for your organization. Such a development focuses on the learners at your end, understanding the learners need, the best way they learn and fit all of it in the lesson planning framework to deliver a learning material.

All our courses can be converted or the following aspects can be added:

Courses which can run on mobile phones: Such courses are meant to be accessed on mobile devices and the development is done using our HTML framework. The HTML framework helps us to make the course mobile compatible.

Courses which are micro in nature: Micro Learning has proven to save time and impart knowledge to the learners at the best of its level. In this part of our service, we create videos, interactive info-graphics and many other aspects to make learning fun, save time and create engagement for the learners.

Courses which are developed and needs enhancement or addition of content: If you have developed courses in the past and need us to enhance the course, add new information, convert Flash to HTML, this might be a good option for you.

Higher Level Interaction (Gamification)

Well, Gamification or Gamified learning is the talk of the time in the eLearning industry and here is how we understand it:

Any learning material can have the aspect of “Gamification” and “Gamified” learning. Gamification is purely a play of using game elements in the learning materials. Such as Scaffolding learning to achieve higher levels, learners accumulating points, etc is a part of the gamification aspect. Whereas, converting the learning material into a game is understood as Gamified learning.

We have had experiences in developing couple of learning materials which were developed using gamification and gamified learning. In our understanding, such aspects definitely help learners to be engaged for a longer period of time and learning outcome levels may be higher. Contact us for more information on this.

Extended Services

Localization and Translation: A couple of our customers have offices across the globe and localization and translation services come very handy. Our vendors across help us in the translation, voice overs and understanding the culture better. Together, it helps us to create deep meaningful learning for our learners. We have had experience working with languages such as English, French, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Bahasa Indonesia are few of them out of many other languages.

Part Development: We have experienced few of our clients with storyboard developed or designers on board to develop courses. And our services were to support them in partial development. Such developments help organization to fill in the gap of professionals they might not have on board and save costs.

Blended Learning: Are you in an industry which needs classroom training or are you dealing with a subject/topic which needs classroom training, well our service in the blended learning may help. We develop presentations which clearly captures our learners needs, creating assessments which are aligned to the learning objectives, worksheets to be used in the trainings, etc.