One click platform for frontline employees to access career progression, learning, and training.

“Frontlyne is a SAAS product developed by MicroGensesis. Frontlyne digitizes career progression of the frontline employee in a retail store.”


Career progression

Frontlyne seamlessly digitizes career progression for any job role in a retail store. The module is built in a manner which allows the admin of the account to create various layers of approvals, linear functionality, integrate all kinds of learning material, etc.


Frontlyne can create classroom training events in minutes. The training module has fields which are relevant to the retail industry. Such as, store name, store code, training code, trainer name, etc.


Frontline employees can now view their career progression details under one single tab. Details such as movement to different store, different department, different concept, KRA, job role, profile, etc.


Frontlyne makes it easy for the frontline employees to access learning material on the go. Under the learning tab, mandatory and non-mandatory courses are available. We achieve this funcationality with the basic LMS which we own. If you have an LMS and would like to us integrate.


Frontline employees can now view their calendar with event lists, upcoming course deadline, etc.


Frontlyne makes it easier for the notification to be visible. The notification is sent on mobile phones as SMS and is sent on both web and mobile application.


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