About Us

Our Story

After spending years in the educational space we noticed that the focus began to shift from learning to the technology that is used to deploy learning content. While we recognize the role learning technologies play in training and development, our team is passionate about integrating higher forms of thinking into learning content. We strongly believe that mastery learning occurs when factual recall, analysis and creative thinking come together.

Our Culture

As a company that specializes in Learning Solutions, it’s no surprise that our company culture revolves around Learning from Experiences.

Our culture of Learning drives us to challenge existing methods, encourage new ideas and accept critical feedback. We do this by recognizing and actively engaging with two important aspects of our organisation: employee voice and our experiences. 

From our inception we have believed that employee voice is key in developing a strong cultural foundation and we strive to achieve this through continuous team meetings, informal gatherings and open forums.

While positive experiences are the easiest to learn from and provides the strongest morale boost; our approach to challenging experiences is where we derive our culture from. While challenging experiences are unpleasant and difficult to handle, our learning approach always pushes us to identify key levers that have led to the situation, analyse it and improve our approach for future dealings. Dealing with situations in this manner, makes us conscious learners in our endeavors as a company to always improve ourselves.

Know Our Team

Apart from coming together on a badminton court, our teams work together day-in and day-out to plan and execute effective learning courses. Our Sales team identify the organisation’s training need and requirement, our Instructional Design team chalk out a plan to achieve effective learning, our Graphic Design team aesthetically present the learning material and our Technology Team make sure that the courses are compatible with a wide range of formats and devices.

Our team of experts analyse the content and suggest the most suitable learning approach. Once the approach is finalised, our instructional designers use the Mastery Learning Framework to design an engaging learning experience for all learners.

Instructional Design

Our designers bring together high quality illustrations and engaging animations to complement the course materials. They curate a visually appealing experience for our learners as they take part in our course.

Visual Design

Our team of programmers ensure that our course is available in different formats for various devices. Their expertise integrate our courses seamlessly with an existing Learning Management System.


Externally, we run our plans through Subject Matter Experts to ensure that our course material leads to the expected learning outcome. Internally, we make certain that all our courses meet the required customer expectations while maintaining the desired standards so that we minimise internal faults.

Quality Assurance